About me


My name is Sebastian but you can call me Seb. I’m father of 2 lovely monsters (💙Tim and ❤️Laura). I live in Warsaw / Poland but in IT world location doesn’t matter.

I’m a programmer, solution architect, leader and menthor for efficient IT development teams.

I work in IT since I was 16 years old and it gives me a lot of joy since the very beginning.

Here I’m going to share my thoughts about living life as a IT guy and father at the same time.

You can expect some content about:

  • IT, programming, architecture, mentorship and leadership
  • parenting, being a dad, creative time with kids (maybe some stuff reviews)
  • hobbies like sailing, cooking, listening and playing music, shrimps breeding and much more…

Contact: tatakodzi@gmail.com

Instagram: @tata_kodzi

Hire me: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gossebastian/